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Each episode of this podcast will introduce you to real-life heroes who have navigated the darkest corners of existence and emerged as beacons of hope. From former convicts who've turned their lives around to individuals battling addiction, we dive into their personal narratives, exploring the turning points that led to their redemption.

This podcast is an exploration of the power of community - the unwavering support of friends, family, mentors, and even strangers that played an integral role in the journeys of our featured guests. "Pivot" will remind you of the extraordinary strength found in human connections and the "pivot"-al role they play in the process of redemption.

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Join us as we venture into the lives of these remarkable individuals who have undergone a profound transformation, proving that redemption is not just a concept, but a powerful force that can rewrite the script of anyone's life.

If you crave raw, authentic stories of resilience, personal growth, and the strength of community, "Pivot" is the podcast for you. Tune in to be inspired, motivated, and reminded that redemption is always within reach, no matter how far you've spun out.

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