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Behind the Scenes: A Fitting Victory

There we were. An eclectic group of folks brought together by the same passion: making awesome videos. As we sipped coffee at The Point Restaurant in Sweet Home, we tossed around several ideas to start building a video portfolio for MJ Media. Music video? Write a funny skit? Promo video about the company? I knew I wanted to tell a story, whether it was with music or something we made up or a true story, but whose story would we tell?

A couple of weeks earlier, Katherine celebrated the ribbon cutting and grand opening of her shop, The Fitting Parlor, in Lebanon. There was some buzz in the business community about what a remarkable story she had: career threatened by an unexpected accident, a miraculous recovery, and now successful business owner and professional designer of custom gowns. So, it was decided that I'd reach out to Katherine and see if she'd let us put her story to video.

We did a "meet and greet" walkthrough of The Fitting Parlor and came up with a game plan: one day to shoot "b-roll" footage (that's all the pretty scenes of threads, fabrics, and Katherine working that you see in between interview scenes) and one day for "the interview." Each day required different lighting and sound set ups.

B-roll day was lots of fun! Chris Chapman operated the drone, operated a second camera for extra b-roll, and our production assistant, Casey, helped out with lighting. Camera operator and director, Ryan Cummings, had a vision for an intro that showed how Katherine is a one-woman show. From design conception to the final fitting, Katherine does it all!

I wanted to be sure to get lots of footage of pretty threads, lace, and flowing fabrics. Here's a side-by-side of getting that beautiful, flowing toss of a light fabric:

Each shoot day was about 3-4 hours. The interview day was the day we got to hear Katherine's full story. For having faced some incredibly difficult circumstances, she is such a light! I love when someone faces challenges and comes out even stronger, more peaceful, and just joyful on the other side. Such an inspiration! While we couldn't fit all the details into this documentary-style promotional video, I'm sure you will still be amazed and encouraged by Katherine's story.

The crew! From left: Ryan Cummings, Melody Jordan, Chris Chapman, Katherine Traeger, Mike Fiske.

Learn more about Katherine and the custom gowns she makes at The Fitting Parlor at You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you to Heaven's Jewell Photography for photographing the project!

Schedule a video consultation with me here:

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