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CORE FOUNDATIONS is a restorative, total body program designed to repair & restore the pelvic floor & deep core postpartum. 

It's predicted that 85% of women will give birth in their lifetime, and more than half of people who seek personal trainers are women.

Once a woman gives birth, she is ALWAYS postpartum and exercise needs to be approached a little differently.

Many postpartum dysfunctions are so common that we've labeled them as normal. These include: peeing your pants when you run, jump, laugh, sneeze, cough; pelvic organ prolapse; painful sex; and diastasis recti.


In most cases, these dysfunctions can be treated with proper exercise. Hundreds of crunches, burpees, and other similar popular exercises are NOT going to heal your body. They actually can do a lot more harm.


The proper approach is strengthening the entire body from the inside out. We need to rebuild the foundations of your body before adding in more advanced exercises. Just like confidence, body strength is built from the inside out, and my CORE FOUNDATIONS program will help you do just that.

📚A regular postpartum exercise plan is associated with lower risk of injury and back pain, as exercise better prepares moms for lifting and carrying children. (ACOG, 2015)

📚Home based exercise programs have been found equally effective as out of home classes in reducing mental & physical fatigue, and improving symptoms of postpartum depression. (Drista, 2008)

📚57% of women with pelvic organ prolapse experienced an improvement in symptoms after just 3 months of participating in a pelvic floor exercise routine 3 to 5x per week. (Wiegersma, 2014)



With CORE FOUNDATIONS you can expect to:

Minimize/heal Diastasis Recti

Improve/heal incontinence

Slim & tone

Improve posture

Increase balance & flexibilty

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What's included:

12 weeks of evidence-backed exercises with in-depth video instruction

Daily support via messenger or email.

Lifetime access to the program, including any future updates.

Nutrition support to maximize results-- without restrictive dieting.

What other women are saying about my core & pelvic floor training


“Melody is awesome! She is great at addressing questions about form, making sure I’m getting everything right, and helps me work through struggles related to postpartum issues. She’s very patient and calm. [I was concerned that] I wouldn’t see results as soon as I wanted. Melody helped me with my reservations by encouraging me through every level I was at physically. I feel stronger!” -Amy E.


“Melody is a warm and caring person. She is a fantastic trainer, who really is there outside sessions to answer questions and concerns. She makes people feel special and really cares about their well being. She challenges me to push beyond my abilities so that I can become stronger. I love going to the gym again and always look forward to training days with her! I was really nervous that I wouldn't be able to do the workouts or that I would have an ‘accident’ as it was happening in fitness classes. I was also worried I wouldn't see any results or feel better about myself. Melody helped me gain confidence in working out and feel comfortable with free weights. She was able to give me appropriate exercises that helped with my diastasis. I feel stronger, I am not having accidents at the gym, I can do jumping jacks again and I am gaining confidence in myself and my abilities.” -Susan P.


“Melody has helped me so much in just the one Skype session we had. I have a prolapsed bladder that began in my second pregnancy and never left. According to my chiropractor, my core and floor are getting stronger, so I know it's working!" -Kassy W.

Frequently asked questions

My kids are grown. Would I still benefit from this program?

Yes, absolutely! Once a woman is postpartum, she is always postpartum. It is never too late to build a solid foundation and become stronger. 

Between raising kids, running a household, and working, I'm short on time. Will I be able to fit this into my schedule?

As a busy mom myself, I totally understand where you're coming from and have planned this program accordingly. These workouts will take you anywhere from 10-25 minutes and can be broken up as needed throughout the day. 

I recently started another fitness program. Can I do both?

CORE FOUNDATIONS is a great compliment to any fitness routine. I do highly recommend making this program your first priority, as the concepts taught here will make your other workouts even more effective.

I had a C-section birth. Would this still work for me?

Yes! Even though you may not have given birth vaginally, your pelvic floor still had quite a bit of stress put on it from your growing baby. Additionally, the muscle tissues were cut during surgery and need to be rehabilitated. Any needed modifications or adjustments can be made in our live group coaching calls to ensure you're getting exactly what your body needs.

How soon postpartum can I start this program?

As long as you are recovering well and have the thumbs up from your doc or midwife to begin gentle exercise, it is safe to start these exercises at 4 weeks postpartum. 

Get Started Today

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Always consult with your physician before starting any new exercise program.

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